Here is a list of all the projects that I am involved with:

  • The Michelle's Art Dungeon project is currently on-hold until further notice. The owners are currently considering if they want to continue the project, or cancel it.
  • FairBan is a project that was created at around 2013, with the purpose of showing who was banned from a server, giving out the username, IP adres and the MTA serial. Nowadays, it still is being used for that, for the Warrior Gaming Roleplay server. However, it won't just stay at that. Currently, we are working on adding features to it, which will be announced soon.
  • is a URL shortener used by myself and formerly Warrior Gaming Roleplay.
  • AS208751 is my Autonoumus System Number, where I lease blocks of my /44 and /24 allocations.
  • Master Roleplay was a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas roleplay server. MasterWayZ, TheMaster at the time, was the Owner, hoster and main developer. The server existed between 2013 and 2014, topping at around 70 players, was a popular roleplay server at that time.
  • Warrior Gaming Roleplay was a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas roleplay server. MasterWayZ was the Co-Owner, hoster and main developer of the server.

  • My Discord bots:

  • MC-0329's RSS Output: is a bot that makes a post whenever an RSS feed updates.
  • MC-0329's Beast Bot: is a multifunctional bot for administrative functions but mainly focussed on fun, more info on the webpage.
  • MC-0329's Screenshot Bot: makes screenshots of webpages.